Investment Banking, CMRE Advisory, Fund Management

Alliance Capital Finance offers other specialized financial services ranging from, Venture

Capital, Capital Raising and Structuring, Corporate Consulting, International Finance, and Precious Metal Purchasing, through our alliance with Hill & Vaughn Precious Metals.  


The DAS Alliance Group:         

Alliance Capital Finance and DAS/Global have formed a new Joint Venture (JV) named the DAS Alliance Group (DASAG).  Our obective for the formation of DASAG is a full service, highly specialized national and international real estate firm, who's principals have been successful in closing over $30 billion in real estate transactions.  DASG offers a multi-disciplinary approach to real estate sales, marketing, development services, along with offering debt, equity and the structuring capital.  We now offer a new DAS Alliance Group family of privately managed venture funds.


For detailed information on the DAS-Alliance Group, please call: 619-503-3983 

Or email us at or visit the website at:


Oldfield Capital and Generosus Advisors - Investment Banking & Financial Services:  

Alliance Capital Finance has a strategic alliance with Oldfield Capital of NYC, a member of FINRA and SIPC, to focus on corporate strategy and due diligence services for mergers and aquisitions, as well as company portfolios of real estate, and tangable or intangable assets such as patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Oldfield Capital also offers financial services for Media and Technologies. 


Investment Banking Services Provided by Oldfield Capital NYC

For more detailed information, please contact your Alliance Capital Finance account executive via phone at 619-503-3983.  

Or you can email us at: or via the web at:



Note from the Director: With many years in the commercial banking and portfolio management sector, Mr. Scolari formed Alliance Capital Finance to meet the small and middle market needs of his clients.  As a retired NASCAR driver, Mr. Scolari understands managed risk.  And that is why, "What Banks Consider Risk, We Consider Opportunities"!


Enrico Scolari

Managing Director & Founder

Alliance Capital Finance LLC.



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